Photo booth history

This article is about photo booth history, how it changes over the years.

The patent for the first automated photography machine was filed in 1888 by William Pope and Edward Poole of Baltimore. It probably was never built. The first known really working photographic machine was a product of the French inventor T. E. Enjalbert (March 1889). It was shown at the World Fair in Paris in 1889. The German born photographer Mathew Steffens from Chicago filed a patent for such a machine in May 1889. These early machines were not reliable enough to be self-sufficient. The first commercially successful automatic photographic apparatus was the “Bosco“ from the Inventor Conrad Bernitt of Hamburg (Patented July-16-1890). All these early machines produced ferrotypes. The first photographic automate with negative and positive process was invented by the German Carl Sasse (1896).
The modern concept of photo booth with (later) a curtain originated with Anatol Josepho (previously Josephewitz), who had arrived in the U.S. from Russia in 1923.[1] with the first photo booth appearing 1925 on Broadway in New York City. For 25 cents, the booth took, developed and printed 8 photos, a patek philippe replika process taking roughly ten minutes. In the first six months after the booth was erected, it was used by 280,000 people. The Photomaton Company was created to place booths nationwide. On March 27, 1927, Josepho was paid $1,000,000 and guaranteed future royalties for his invention. Anatoly M. Josepho in his own photo booth.

JosephoAnatoly M. Josepho in his own photo booth.

Nowadays we have on marked two types of Photo booth:

A photo booth as a vending machine or modern kiosk that contains an automated, usually coin-operated, camera and film processor. Today the vast majority of photo booths are digital. Traditionally photo booths contain a seat or bench designed to seat the one or two patrons being photographed. The seat is typically surrounded by a curtain of some sort to allow for some privacy and help avoid outside interference during the photo session. Once the payment is made, the photo booth will take a series of photographs usually for ID or passport purpose.
Photo booths as a rental machine allow a person to rent a photo booth for a short period of time (usually in hours). Photo booth rentals have become popular in the United States primarily for wedding , sweet sixteen parties and other parties, along with a growing number of other public and private events. Photo booth is use also as advertisement device and for business purpose. In addition to the photo booth and the printing of unlimited photo strips with personalized text and customized background in any of colour or background in green screen cheap replica watches technology. After the picture has been taken guests can share directly on Facebook or send in e-mail. Rental companies usually include a photo booth attendant to service the photo booth and to help guests construct the guest book with photo strips.Selfie_Boks1

Now growing trend for rental photo booth as event attraction has come to Norway. First professional photo booth Selfie Boks offer plenty of possibilities for business or private events.
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