How to pick photo booth right for you?

This is your guide how to rent a photo booth suited to your expectation.

Do you think to rent a photo booth for your event or wedding in Stavanger, Norway?
You don`t know how to pick photo booth right for you? 

Before you pick company which offer rental photo booth for your event or wedding you should consider some things before you decide which one is right for you. There are couple photo booth in Norway. So what do you choose when you want to rent a photo booth? Here are some important details to consider:

Unlimited printed photos

Check if company provide printed unlimited printed photos or only digital version? How long does it take to print strips? Is cut automatically and straight ?




How much space do you have for a photo booth? The booths with a hard shell are really cool but they take up a lot of space. Also, you are limited to how many people you can fit inside. Photo booths that have a removable curtain can accommodate as many people as you want. So, get a group shot with all 7 bridesmaids or your extended family! An open booth can also be arranged to capture the gorgeous background that you probably have if your event is in the mountains or other scenic area, or use an elegant backdrop for even larger group fun. Open style booths are quickly becoming the most demanded style.

Green Screen

Some photo booths offer green screen technology. With a green screen you can project any photo in the background; which is pretty cool! This is usually an added cost, so you will have to weigh the cost/value. It will also take up a little more space and may not look as attractive as a traditional photo backdrop. It is more common for special and business events or thematic weddings.

Camera and light

Web cam vs. DSLR? I would caution you against any photo booth that uses a web camera. Web cams do not take good quality photos. The best photo booths use DSLR cameras with at least 10 megapixels. If you want to blow up a photo at a later date, anything less than 10 megapixels is going to look grainy or fuzzy. Professional light is also very important to take a good quality pictures. Better to pick photo booth with inside professional light then outside with strange umbrella or extra tripod lamp. Too many booth companies use low resolution photos in order to gain speed on lower end equipment. You want a provider that has high end professional hardware capable of both speed and quality photos.
Video – Video sounds cool but in reality, most people freeze up when the camera starts recording. If you are considering using video in your photo booth, just realize that it will take longer to get your guests through the line as there will inevitably be many retakes before they get it right. That being said, it would be cool to let your friends and family leave you with a personal message for you to see after your wedding.

Social media and mail sharing

OK, you and your girlfriends just took the “perfect” group mustache shot and you want to post it on Facebook right now! Some photo booth companies have the ability to let you upload your picture on Facebook or sent via mail at the event. Also, what about later? Is there a kiosk where you can upload pics and post them on social media sites? Can you and your guests print them out for free or is there a cost? Can you get your favourite photo from them through a website or do you have to make a personal request to the company? All of these options elevate the enjoyment of your guests; seek a booth provider that can bundle them into your service package.

photobooth sharing

Layout and format

What type of layout are you looking for with the prints? Do you want two photo strips 5×15 with several small pictures or one big 10×15 style photo? Can you add you own personal touch like a logo, quote, a pic of the mountains where you are having your wedding, or colour that matches your wedding/event?

fot-nie uzywac5


Are the props fun and appropriate for your party? How will they be displayed? Will they be thrown on a table haphazardly or will they be organized in a wardrobe or neatly on professional display racks? Can you request certain themed props like mustaches, or sports paraphernalia? Is there an extra cost for props or are they included?

Touch screen and live preview

Touch screen gives you more privacy or do you want the attendant to be in control? Also, what if you take a bad picture? Does the company allow unlimited sessions? What about live preview?

Staffed by an attendant

Will there be someone onsite to assist your guests, keep the props in order, handle any technical booth issues, and most importantly be the entertainment concierge to make sure the fun is being enjoyed by everyone?

References and online presence

Any company worth hiring has testimonials and a strong online presence. If a company’s website looks poorly designed, what does that tell you about the pride they take in themselves? If a company cannot stand proud and look good online, how can they look good at your event?
There are a number of other aspects to consider along with these key points. The one thing that should not be a major deciding factor is choosing the company with the lowest price. While the lowest price company may be a option, price alone can be a dangerous deciding factor. The internet is filled with horror stories of brides left stranded on the big day by lowest price vendors that could not meet the demands of a professional wedding services business

We wrote how to pick photo booth right for you ? So please take a minute and read

Why you should choose Selfie Boks?

While this was written as a guide to choosing a booth company, it also highlights the advantages that Selfie Boks Photo Booth has over other vendors in Stavanger, Norway. We provide three types of construction with different size:
– Exclusive LED tent 2,4 x 2,4 x 2,4m, max. 8 people on picture
– Surrounding curtain 2,1 x 2,1 x 2,1m, max. 6 people on picture
– Background wall max. 2 x 2 x 2m, max. 8 people on picture
The best shots are in group 4 people on picture.


Selfie Boks offer green screen technology for any type of events. We can adjust any photo in the background. We use DSLR photo camera Canon EOS 1200D 18 megapixels with standard or wide-angle lens. Inside device is built professional photo light 12 LED (3800lm). Brightness control is via wireless remote control. In Selfie Boks you can choose a photo layout suited to your needs. With our help, we will certainly find a perfect solution. You can decide how to locate a graphics and how many photos actually you would like to place on one print. On every picture is personalized text, graphics or logo to remind your guest this special day. Selfie Boks give you possibilities to record short video. You choose how long will be record 20 or 30 seconds move. Selfie Boks is set up and lay down by our attendant in maximum couple minutes. This person supports a work of devices and invites guests to play. Attendant offer plenty of gadgets which you can use during photo shooting. You find on our display wigs, masks, gadgets, glasses and more! If you want some special or customized props for your event, we can try to get it for you. Our attendant carry about correct device working, but if your guest want to have more privacy they can use our touch screen them self. Pictures have live preview on the screen. We provide unlimited sessions and pints for your gest. All photos can be shared on Facebook and send straight away to mailbox.

Visit our Selfie Boks home page or social media and check our full offer

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